10 Memorable Heygo Moments of 2022

There’s no denying it: 2022 has been an eventful year at Heygo!

Together with inspiring guides, we have virtually-traveled across the globe and captured over 43,000,000 postcards in 115 countries; such as Bhutan, Madagascar, Panama and Switzerland.

As the year comes to a close, we want to reflect on just some of the special moments of 2022 that have made us proud to part of the Heygo community.We couldn’t be more inspired by the creativity that every guide shows; from cross country road trips to helicopter rides, from museum exhibitions to erupting volcanos... we really have seen it all! 🚀

We hope that throughout 2023 Heygo continues to be a space where strangers become friends, stories are shared and new lands are discovered together.

So sit back, get tea at the ready, and join us on this trip down memory lane.

Do you remember…?

1) When Hiro in Japan hosted the biggest virtual party on the planet, the 🌍🕊WORLD PEACE🕺💃Virtual Disco🕊🌍…. 329 times!

2) When Olga bravely welcomed the world to her home in Kyiv, and shared her first hand experience of the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦

Could 2023 finally be the year were voyagers can smell food via screen? 💭

3) When Dan and Huy teamed up to share Samosas, Bún Bò and Poutine… directly between Vietnam and Canada! The ability to smell food is still under product development but we have innovated food tele-transportation.

4) When Alex ticked off our bucket-list dreams and took us on a hot air balloon ride across Melbourne 🎈

5) When Marine Biologist and Shark Scientist, Justin, introduced us to baby turtles in Cape Town 🐢

6) When Kiara swept us to the heights of Malaysia’s tallest mountain, Mount Kinabalu. In true Kiara fashion, she did it in style! 🪂

7) When the Pope made an appearance on Heygo thanks to Micky & Adry! 🇻🇦

8) When Mike took us to the breathtaking wonder, Machu Picchu, for Winter Solstice ✨

9) When Lesley embodied our Egypt dreams and took us to the Pyramids by Camel! 🐫

10) When Aaron & Patrick brought our festive New York City fantasies to life! We had trips to Union Square Holiday Market, Macy’s… and even a surprise visit from Santa! 🎄

It goes without saying that this post should include thousands of extra mentions, so we can only apologise if your favourite tour moment hasn’t been included!

Here’s to a magical 2023 full of new adventures! 🌎