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A Thousand Splendid Roses (and counting): Celebrating Heygo’s Garden Festival

September 23, 2021

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Even as the leaves start to slowly, gloriously die, trees shedding them like confetti, there are still bulbs blooming life all around. 

It’s the same beautiful multiplicity of nature that botanical gardens (even those with a thousand roses) work hard to highlight for their visitors all year round. Which is why we were so excited to bring those gardens and conservatories into your home with Heygo’s Garden Festival in August, and why we’re just as thrilled to keep offering you the best of the botanical world even now as the Festival is winding down.

From Claude Monet’s famous Japanese garden to Barcelona’s colorful Park Güell, here are some of our botanical favorites that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

Park Güell: The Fantasy World of Gaudi

Park Güell is one of Barcelona’s postcard-perfect spots. Strolling into this green oasis in the middle of the city immediately shows you Gaudí's most playful side. 

Vibrant flower beds, colorful tiles, dragon staircases... it’s no surprise that it caught Walt Disney's eye when he visited. As you explore the theme park of a garden further, hike up to a terraced balcony to find a spectacular view of Barcelona stretching out to the Mediterranean. Kind of a no-brainer to put on your list.

Toronto Botanical Garden

These award-winning gardens from the American Horticultural Society really have something for everyone (even hummingbirds). You’ll discover a beautiful sculpture garden, a maze of courtyards, walkways lined by organic, self-seeding plants all awash with color… you can almost smell them on tour.

This garden’s grounds go back to the Ice Age, which seems crazy until you see its attractions - from bird watching trails to organic farmers markets - all with panoramic views of well-manicured gardens tended to since the 16th century. Go see why it has so much staying power.

Giverny: Claude Monet’s House and Gardens

If you’ve ever imagined French painter Claude Monet’s landscape paintings coming to life, you shouldn’t miss the gardens at Giverny. When you make your way through the charming town, you’ll spot the water garden from his famous “Water Lilies” series. Its fresh lilies and dainty Japanese bridges leave you feeling like you’ve wandered onto his canvas.  

Monet spent years designing the gardens so you’ll find plenty of artistic inspiration in its corners - like the rows of wildflowers winding down walkways or even Monet’s personal art collection just around the corner.

Porto’s Magical Gardens

When the sun goes down, the Porto Botanical Garden in Portugal transforms into a magical world. In this immersive, nocturnal experience, you’ll embark on a journey to capture nature through light design and soundscapes. 

The gardens take you to different corners of the world, from mythical Egypt to the cherry blossoms of Japan and the peonies of China. And it’s where you’ll discover reality, fantasy, and nature merging together in an experience that will stimulate you unlike any other garden on earth.

Madison Square Park

This park has quite a history. Created centuries ago by a renowned showman, the park - then called the “Great Roman Hippodrome” - saw the pomp and glory of some of New York’s greatest local events from circuses to illegal boxing matches. 

Today, it’s an urban green space flowing with lush gardens in the lively Flatiron District with landscapes to enjoy from spring to fall. You might even spot the statue of a certain former US President or an art installation by American sculptor Arlene Shechet. Truly the garden where nature meets culture.

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