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Top 5 Virtual Experiences....That Aren't Watching Netflix

June 10, 2021

The year 2020 was when we took things online. From birthdays, holidays, celebrations, work retreats, family get-togethers, and even music festivals - a large chunk of our life went virtual. 

This year, it looks like we’ll still be switching IRL chatter for virtual experiences. But hey, the new year’s a great time to shake things up.

What about swapping your Netflix queue for something different? We’ve rounded up five fun virtual tours and experiences that you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Catch Iceland’s spectacular Northern Lights - from your home

With a warm cup of hot chocolate (or your drink of choice), snuggle in, and get ready to travel to Reykjavik.

Seeing Iceland’s impressive light show is an incredible experience. You get to watch the splash of lights flicker and dance across the sky, illuminating the mountains and lava fields. 

The Northern Lights hasn’t shied away from bizarre stories, either.

For years, people spun interesting reasons for this phenomenon ranging from spirits of the air to vast fires beyond the Earth. But here’s an easier way to understand the science behind it - think of the process that goes within a neon light bulb, on a much grander (and colorful) scale.

The best time to catch the lights is between September and April. 

Why wait? Grab your front-row seat to see the Northern Lights here

Stroll along Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing

It’s hard to believe how much Dubrovnik’s changed over the years. After being torn apart during the Balkans War just three decades ago, the city’s picked itself up and flaunts some of the world’s most scenic landscapes today. 

It’s also played host to the super popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. On a virtual tour of Dubrovnik, you can walk through some of the popular spots where the show was filmed.

Right from Cersei’s famous Walk of Shame, to the legendary King’s Landing, there’s much to explore. "What a well planned and prepared trip!" Maria, a Heygoer, chips in.

"We're fans of GOT and saw it from the beginning. It was fantastic to see the filming sites, and hear your anecdotes about how things were done, the logistics, the actors! What a gorgeous and historical place. It was a great experience!" she adds.

Book your virtual trip to Dubrovnik today!

Meander along Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

Here’s your chance at exploring a national park that sits right on top of an active super volcano.

The Mammoth Terraces are located in one of the coolest spots across the park. You get to see splashes of pristine white to shades of red, nestled by the side of a boardwalk trail. 

All around, you can explore limestone formations, and learn how continental shifts, ice ages, and Yellowstone’s geothermal features shaped some of Earth’s best wonders.

“Such a knowledgeable guide who obviously, despite the cold temperatures, seemed to enjoy imparting some of her obvious massive knowledge of the Yellowstone Park, in particularly Mammoth Hot Springs area. Such a stunningly beautiful area enjoyed from the comfort of the warmth of our homes! Enjoyed "walking with her" virtually,” Sandi, a fellow traveler, chipped in. 

Join the virtual tour for a fun, informative experience with Ashea Mills, Yellowstone’s favorite neighbor. 

Stroll down Shanghai’s Yuyuan Bazaar

Located in the popular Yu Garden, Yuyuan bazaar is believed to have been built almost 400 years ago.

This was when China’s Ming Dynasty was in power. Today, it’s one of Shanghai’s most iconic places to visit.

At the bazaar, you get to go antique and souvenir hunting, get an eyeful of their local food, handicrafts, festivities, and ceramics.

Ever bumped into China’s famous blue and white porcelain? It traces its roots to the same place. 

From the comfort of your home, your guide will take you through their local snacks and delicacies - everything from Yangchun noodles to crispy fried cakes are on the menu on this virtual tour of one of China's most popular destinations.

Step into Rembrandt’s larger than life world

If you have a sweet spot for art and history, you’ve hit the nail here.

This tour takes you down the life of popular Dutch painter Rembrandt. Get more than a peek into his life growing up in one of the richest cities in the world during the 17th century.

It’s incredible to see the stunning views that caught him nearly four centuries ago, and find out what inspired him. Here’s how you can take off to Amsterdam to do just this - passport-free.

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