Heygo App Launch

Heygo was founded on the mission of bringing people closer together by experiencing each other's worlds. That means giving anyone who wants to explore the world the power to. But it also means giving anyone who wants to share their world a seamless, welcoming platform to do it. So...

We want you — and anyone you'd recommend — to start guiding on Heygo!

We're making guiding on Heygo easier and more open...

As a Heygoer, you already know livestreaming requires planning, discipline, and skill. It's not for everyone. And we have no doubt that the guides we love on Heygo today will continue to flourish on Heygo tomorrow.

We also believe anyone who wants to share their passion can become a great guide. So whether you have a destination, an expertise, a talent —any passion, really — that you'd like to share, we're making it easy to  #StreamYourWorld:

Get started in a snap

(well... tap) on the new Heygo App. We'll soon be merging the new user app and the guide streaming app for one seamless experience for guides and users alike. For now, sign up here.

Learn everything about streaming

From the equipment you'll need to the tricks you'll love in our Guide Resources.

Find your niche, find your fun.

The opportunity to build a community on Heygo around your stories & curiosities (not likes & views) is one of a kind. You'll get better every tour, earn good tips, and have a blast as you go.

With more people joining Heygo than ever (and more on the way), there's never been a better time to start guiding. So sign up to give it a shot, or send this link — heygo.com/host-a-tour— to anyone you'd like to see on Heygo.

We can't wait to see where you go,

Happy Heygoing!