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Next Stop: Hogwarts. Here's Your Chance To Step Into Harry Potter's Film Locations

March 20, 2020

From polyjuice potion to parseltongue, J.K.Rowling has vividly captured our imagination with her storytelling.

What if you could step into some of the most popular spots from the Harry Potter series? Imagine bumping into the real Diagon and Knockturn Alleys or the Ministry of Magic. Don't worry if you're a muggle - we're pulling out all stops to making this happen.

You don't need a flying broom to join this virtual tour as you potter around Edinburgh and London on this magical tour that showcases some of the best Harry Potter film locations.

First stop: Edinburgh

The city has flirted with witchcraft for decades, and with Edinburgh Castle looming over the medieval town, it is easy to see a connection between Edinburgh and magical Hogwarts.

The rapport doesn't seem like it's dying out anytime soon.

From escape rooms to wizard-themed parties, Edinburgh is brimming with charms, spells, and potions. With its magical and dramatic old-worldly style, a virtual tour of Edinburgh with Paul is one you shouldn't miss - Hogwarts fan or not!

Victoria Street

Chocablock with colorful houses and splashes of quirky and delightful independent boutiques, pubs, and restaurants, Victoria Street is said to have been the inspiration for Diagon Alley, Scottish-style.

As you go up the hilly cobblestone lane, the area that was once a market square is now home to a wide array of pubs, inns and quirky passageways.

Fun trivia: If you've got your ultimate wish list of wizard items, you've hit the jackpot here. This street is home to almost every wizard item you can think of, from a Nimbus 2000 to color-changing mugs!

Hunt for Voldemort at Greyfriars Kirkyard

It’s not surprising that Greyfriars Kirkyard has been proven to be UK’s most haunted place when you learn that Lord Voldemort is buried there!

He's also got company. From Professor Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody to McGonagall, Tom Marvolo Riddle's grave has also drawn interesting notes from fans of the Harry Potter saga.

The Balmoral Hotel

The grand Balmoral Hotel stands proudly in the heart of Edinburgh City. It was the place where J.K.Rowling stayed when she was wrapping up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Today, the room she stayed in is aptly named "The Rowling Suite" and features an interesting owl-shaped door knocker and a marble bust that she signed.

Next up: London's West End

Whether it's Harry Potter filming locations, themed afternoon teas, fun photo ops, magical shopping, or full-blown immersion, you'll find it all in London.

Snap away at Platform 9 3/4

You don't have to be in London to head to Platform 9 and 3/4. On this virtual trip to London, you may pop by King's Cross Station and find a luggage trolley embedded on the wall amidst the bustling crowds of London's shoppers and commuters.

But where is Platform 9 3/4? It's almost nudged inside the main part of the station, and you don't have to dash through a brick wall between the platforms. Queues for the trolleys may get busy - but you get to skip the line and get exclusive access on this virtual tour.

Head to the Millennium Bridge

Remember the opening scene of the sixth movie where Death Eaters were flying over a a bridge and quickly escalated their attack on the muggle world? The film decided to capture the iconic Millennium Bridge for shooting this.

While the wizarding world popularly called it the Brockdale Bridge, it's fondly called the "wobbly bridge" by localites. This was because the entire footbridge was so wobbly that pedestrians were falling over as the tried to cross it.

Interestingly, the bridge is still standing in real life, and is one of the popular spots for snapping some postcard-worthy pictures.

Don't miss the entrance to the Diagon Alley!

If you're wondering where to find the magical Diagon Alley in London, you'll find several areas rivaling to be the real Diagon Alley in the city. It's one of the city's worst kept secrets.

Let's dive in to the series to figure this out. Remember when Hagrid first takes Harry through the Leaky Cauldron only to discover a magical lane filled with apothecaries and owl emporiums? On this virtual tour, you'll get to stroll along real-life Diagon Alley running between St. Martins Lane and Charing Cross.

The hub of magic is lined with vintage shops filled with witchcraft and wizardry that look like they've been plucked straight from centuries ago.

David's guided virtual tour doesn't halt here. It covers some of the best Harry Potter locations in London, and offers much more than the books - you'll get to take in some of London's most iconic sites such as the Palace Theatre, National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Horse Guards, and Whitehall.

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