Product Updates Recap - April 2022

With new features being added to Heygo every week, we wanted to give you a monthly roundup to make sure you stayed on top of the latest, greatest bells and whistles on Heygo.

It feels good to see all your travel gear laid out neatly before a trip, right? 🤓 Consider this your newest gear...

Guide posting

It started with text posts. Then we added comments. Now, guides can post images too! Making Heygo your one-stop shop for global exploration has always been our goal, so letting guides share their perspectives with you, both on tour and off, helps make that a reality.

In-tour image posting

Sometimes a visual aid can do wonders on a tour, so we’ve lightened our guides’ loads (their hands are pretty full!) with in-tour image posting. Guides can now post photos, maps, diagrams, slides - anything they like - to help make their tour even more informative and fun. Knowing that bunch, they’ll get quite creative.

Bulk postcard download

One of our most requested features is finally here. Download as many postcards as you like, and share your Heygo adventures far and wide. We can’t wait to see all those collages!

Postcard notes

With all the postcards we’re taking around the world, we thought it’d be nice to be able to jot down a note or two so you now can! Every time you snap a postcard you’ll be able to write what it was about and come back to that note in the future.

Booking & view counts

It’s nice to see how many Heygoers are planning to join or have already joined a tour. Just remember some of the best tours on Heygo still fly under the radar, so never let a low count stop you from checking out a tour.

Of course, to enjoy most of these new features, you’ll need to keep your Heygo App updated, so update often to see what’s new.

Happy Heygoing!