What's New? - May 2022 Product Updates

Hi Heygoers,

May wasn't just a month full of incredible tours, it was a great month for building new ways to explore together on Heygo.

Here are some of our favorite product improvements from last month:

Comments on guide posts

May was the first month Heygoers could write back on posts and the fun's just getting started... Remember, you'll have to follow a guide to see what they're posting.

Calendar on the Heygo App

One of Heygo's most beloved features made its app debut last month making booking around your schedule easier than ever. Find it near the top-right of your Heygo App's homescreen.

Explore tab on Heygo App

With the new Explore tab, you can find tours by category, location, and personalized recommendation(!). Search is there too if you have something in mind. Give it a whirl in the app! You may be surprised by what you discover...

Introducing the Heygo Map

That's right, we finally put Heygo on the map. No longer just in-tour, this map will show everywhere on earth Heygo tours are happening (turns out quite a few places!). Open it up at heygo.com/map and try a tour somewhere totally new this weekend.

Happy Heygoing!

The Heygo Team